What are the application fields of sintered felt?

  What are the application areas of sintered felt:

  (1) Filtration and purification of various polymer melts in the chemical and film industries;

  (2) Filtration of various high temperature and corrosive liquids in the petroleum and chemical industries;

  (3) Precision filtration of various hydraulic oils and lubricating oils for mechanical equipment;

  (4) Clarification and filtration of various liquids in the pharmaceutical, biological, beverage and other industries.

  (5) Compared with traditional powder filter materials, metal fiber felt has the characteristics of high strength, high dust holding capacity, corrosion resistance and long service life, especially for filtration under harsh conditions such as high temperature, high viscosity and corrosive medium. Used in chemical fiber, polyester film, petroleum and hydraulics, it can also be used as a filter device for automotive airbags.

  (6) The field of textile products, the field of conductive plastics, the field of battery electrode materials, the field of fiber reinforced composite materials, and the field of anti-counterfeiting materials.