Fluidization board

      Fluidized plates are used as the control of gas distribution

  Fluidized plates are used as the control of gas distribution, and the transport and fluidization of powder materials have a wide range of applications in industrial processes. Detailed introduction to hot product news information Product introduction:

  The sulfur fluidized plate is used as the control of the gas distribution state, and the powder material transport and fluidization operation has a very wide application in the industrial process. Fluidized bed technology is an important means of mass transfer, heat transfer and chemical reaction in chemical processes. The control of the gas distribution state requires a sintered mesh plate having good gas permeability.

  The sintered metal mesh plate as a control gas distribution has the following excellent characteristics:

  1. The pore distribution is uniform, and the flow and resistance control characteristics are stable.

  2. High strength, high rigidity, convenient installation and maintenance.

  3. Mass transfer, heat transfer and solubility effects are good, high efficiency and low gas consumption.

  4. High temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and wide application environment.

  5. The operation is flexible, the process adjustment is convenient, the material is not easy to leak, the breakdown short circuit and blockage can be eliminated, and the service life is long; the sintered metal mesh plate is widely used for the injection of pulverized coal of alumina and ironmaking blast furnace.

  Supply size ≤1200×1000mm